Explore the Most Expensive Land-Based Casinos Worldwide

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Land-based casinos have always fascinated people thanks to their luxurious settings and opulent atmosphere. Even those who are not into gambling themselves have been curious to stop by from time to time and indulge in the mystique and allure of brick-and-mortar establishments.

As the world is opening up in the post-Covid era, the interest to attend venues in person is increasing. People have been craving social gatherings and experiences for quite a while now. Therefore, it is not surprising that players and onlookers alike are searching to make new memories at the world’s best land-based casinos and spend some unforgettable moments. To help you make the right choice for your next gambling trip, or to simply let you indulge your fantasy, we present below some of the most exclusive and expensive casinos in the world.

The Venetian, Macau, China

The Venetian is one of the top land-based gambling destinations thanks to its over 3,500 games, 800+ tables, and 24 luxurious dining facilities and bars. The complex also highlights 3 grand shopping centres and 4 swimming pools. One can only imagine the lavishness and glamour of this $3 billion casino resort.

The 51,000-square meter gaming space and the numerous adjacent facilities are the property of Las Vegas Sands. As the name suggests, the space aims to recreate the atmosphere of Italy’s unsurpassed jewel Venice. Its creators have been quite successful in doing so. Not only does the casino resort depict authentically the city’s iconic outlook, but there are also canals with floating gondolas and an entertainment arena for 15,000 spectators.

Wynn Palace, Macau, China

The Venetian is by far not Macau’s only expensive casino attraction. The $1.2 billion Wynn Palace rises majestically in the Cotai district. The exquisite 5-star hotel with 1,700 rooms, suites, and garden villas is also the home to a 39,000-square meter casino with hundreds of slot machines, 200+ tables, and several VIP rooms for high rollers.

The venue features many additional attractions, such as a few high-end restaurants and bars, an 8-acre Performance Lake, and a 15,000-people indoor theatre. It also boasts Macau’s largest spa as well as 18,500+ square meters of luxury retail in case you are seeking to invest in property.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Looking to bathe in casino luxury while also enjoying extreme holiday splendour? If so, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is your place. The $5.88 billion project is the world’s most expensive stand-alone casino. Built in 2010, the resort is shaped like three 55-story towers interconnected by a common roof terrace. On top of it, an observation deck provides a beautiful view of the bay.

The hotel part offers 2,500 rooms, multiple bars and restaurants, an exhibition and conference area, a theatre, a history museum, an infinity pool, a shopping centre, and a few more extravagant amenities. There is something for everyone, so you do not need to worry if you are not into gambling. There will surely be lots of fun activities for you, too.

In terms of the casino, Marina Bay Sands impresses with a 4-level facility that spreads over 15,000 square meters. You will find here 2,300+ slot machines, 600 tables, and exclusive VIP rooms. Live dealer games fans have the opportunity to enjoy multiple variations on Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and the rest of the most popular casino games. In addition, Marina Bay Sands hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year.

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa is another Singapore casino jewel. It is located on the southern coast and spreads over 120 acres. The luxurious standalone casino resort is the property of Genting Group. It is quite heavy on entertainment. The casino floor occupies over 15,000 square meters and offers 2,400+ slot and video poker machines, and 500+ table games. Of course, the VIP rooms and exclusive lounges are absolute musts at this extremely luxurious resort.

The property features top attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, the Maritime Experiential Museum, and Marine Life Park. There are also the Super Nintendo World and the Minion Park. You can enjoy abundant dining opportunities and several high-end bars, too. Besides, the compound features a number of 5-star hotels with over 1,000 rooms. The venue also highlights a waterfront complex that will be further enhanced in the near future.

Resorts World, Las Vegas, USA

Another extravagant masterpiece by Genting Group, Resorts World, Las Vegas is rivalling the top position in the world’s most expensive casinos chart. Opened on June 24, 2021, the project has been estimated at $4.3 billion. The construction began in 2017 and was supposed to be completed much earlier. However, the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the work. It is interesting to note that Resorts World is the first new resort to be completed on the Las Vegas Strip since 2010 when the Cosmopolitan opened.

In essence, Resorts World, Las Vegas is an Asian-themed casino resort featuring three hotels with over 3,500 rooms. There are more than 40 bars and dining facilities, together with multiple stores, a swimming pool, a concert hall, a fitness centre, and many more attractions. There is also a 23,000-square meter banquet and convention centre.

As you might have guessed, the casino is probably the most attractive amenity at the resort. It occupies an area of almost 11,000 square meters. There are 1,400+ gambling machines, close to 120 live dealer tables, and a bookmaker’s office. The best part is that the casino is flexible enough to allow you to bet in cryptocurrency and also accepts mobile wallets at the tables and slot machines.

Casino-Themed Parties: The Latest Trend in Home Entertainment


The past couple of years have radically changed the entertainment landscape. Given the limited opportunities to go out during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become extremely inventive in finding alternative ways to socialize.

Home parties have become a thing, and this trend is likely to grow. Naturally, it requires a lot of inspiration, resourcefulness, and imagination to create the right atmosphere and setting so that your guests enjoy a fun and entertaining experience.

Why Are Casino-Themed Home Parties Becoming So Popular?

Social gambling has always been a much-enjoyed entertainment activity not only in the Western world but also across the globe. Archaeological evidence suggests people have gathered to play together luck-based games since ancient times.

This trend has continued to the present day. Just think of how many times we see the casino theme explored in artwork. For instance, the plot in many world-renowned novels, such as Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, and The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky, focuses on gambling.

A few quite popular paintings depict the world of gambling, too. Some of the most famous ones include:

  • The Cardsharps by Caravaggio:
  • At the Roulette Table by Edvard Munch:
  • Card Players by Paul Cezanne:
  • Dogs Playing Poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge:
  • Slot Machine Queen by Shelly Wilkerson:

To talk about casino-themed movies would take us plenty of long articles. Therefore, we will only briefly mention films like Rounders, Casino, Croupier, 21, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Card Counter. Thus, you can clearly see how fascinated people are with the gambling theme even if they are not players themselves. It carries a certain charm and mystique that many find quite delightful and alluring.

That said, amusement and art often intertwine to create intriguing, unique, and pleasurable experiences. Therefore, it is not surprising that the casino theme has been widely exploited for different kinds of parties and events in both the entertainment and the corporate world. Besides, the rise of mobile technology and the boom of the online casino industry have made gambling on the go easily accessible to eligible players across the world. Thus, it is not surprising that more and more home parties become inspired by the casino theme. The latter is extremely versatile and provides plenty of opportunities to have fun.

If we already have you considering throwing a home casino-themed party, you don’t need to look any further for ideas on how to do it. Here are a few quick tips from our professional event planners that will help you impress your friends.

A First Impression to Remember

You know how casinos always convey a certain aristocratic air and a sense of opulence and luxury? Well, you can use this flamboyance to impress your guests. To begin with, you can create personalized invitations to match the spirit of the event. A well-crafted, beautiful invite with attention to detail will always stir the curiosity of your friends and will make them drop by if only to just see what is going on.

Design and Décor

Designing the setting and preparing the decorations is so much fun with casino-themed parties! There is plenty of room for your imagination. You can indulge in a variety of topics, such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Macau, etc. In addition, you can explore themes like Ancient Egypt, the Aztec civilization, Greek mythology, and the like.

Usually, casino-themed parties feature bright colours in the red, yellow, and black palettes. You can also throw in a pair of heavy curtains and a few velvety pillows. Dummy gold bars here and there could also be a nice touch.


Of course, you need to provide your guests with a good selection of foods and drinks. Classic finger food is always a good choice. It should not be anything too heavy or too spicy, and it is best if you avoid allergens. Exotic fruit would be a nice touch, and a refined selection of cocktail cheeses would definitely add more flavour to your party.

In terms of drinks, you need to be extra careful. After all, mixing alcohol and gambling is highly unadvisable. Therefore, we suggest you go on the light side with low-alcohol cocktails, wine, and possibly some beer. If you want to add a fancy twist, maybe you can offer champagne and hire a professional catering company to take care of everything for you.

Entertainment Options

Of course, a casino-themed party can hardly go without any luck-based games. Therefore, you should plan carefully in advance what gambling formats you can offer to your friends. Naturally, your choice should reflect their skill levels, budgets, and preferences.

If you have more space, you can set up different tables, where your friends can play popular games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and even roulette. Again, if your budget allows you, you can even install one or more real slot machines. Bingo is also a terrific idea.

Music and Performances

There is so much to be done with a home casino-themed party in terms of music and performances. You can play all sorts of upbeat, cheery tunes as long as you do not allow the noise to distract your guests. Jazz, chillout, and lounge music are also appropriate choices.

In addition, you and your friends can stage different performances like an Elvis show, cabaret dances, stand-up comedy, and more. Do not be afraid to get creative and showcase your talents.

How to Find the Best Casino Site for You

Gambling is one of my favourite pastimes and I play at online casinos regularly. As such, friends often ask me for recommendations on which is the best online casino. Let me tell you what I tell them, the best casino is a very individual and personal choice. What is perfect for one player may be quite far off the mark for another. Instead, it is best to consider your particular needs when choosing the best place to play. Whilst certain criteria are mandatory, such as safety, there are other criteria you can use to determine how well a particular operator will suit you. In this article, I will give you a quick and simple guide to assessing online casinos to find the best one for you.


Let me start by saying that your safety and protection must be the primary consideration when you are deciding which casino to play at. Never risk it by playing with a rogue operator. Only play at casinos which hold a valid licence from the Gambling Commission. This guarantees that the casino is operating legally and that they adhere to the highest standards of player protection. This includes a commitment to responsible gambling, cutting edge technical security measures and games which have been independently tested and proven to be fair. At www.bestcasino.uk you will find the best online casino sites which are 100% safe and fair.

Game Selection

It goes without saying that game selection is a major factor in determining the right casino for you. Does it provide plenty of the games that you want to play? Are there plenty of interesting and innovative variants available? Look out for a rich selection of games, with great graphical quality and sound that will keep you entertained. Remember that quality is just as important, if not more so, than quantity. If you fancy playing casino games with real dealers, then be sure to look at the live casino game selection which is on offer. Some casinos stand out by providing a rich and diverse selection of live dealer games provided by several top developers.


Whilst pretty much all online casinos offer a welcome bonus to encourage new players to join, the best bonuses depend on the type of player you are. If you have a favourite game, such as blackjack or roulette, look out for bonuses with favourable weightings for these games. Some bonuses are tailor made for table games, others for slots, some for live games. Choose one which matches your needs. The other consideration is how much you intend to spend. For smaller budgets, a first deposit bonus which matches your money is a safe bet. If you plan to make larger deposits and play regularly, you may benefit from choosing a casino with a welcome bonus package. These reward a number of deposits and can offer better value for money for intermediate players and high rollers.


Will you play casino games on your PC, or would you prefer to play or your mobile phone or tablet? This is key in determining the best casino sites for you. Whilst some operators have pulled out all the stops to develop top notch casino apps, others fall below the mark. If you intend to play casino games on your mobile device, it is vital to check that the casino offers an intuitive, high class mobile app. Look out for a rich selection of mobile friendly games which run smoothly and an intuitive interface which is easy to navigate.

Banking Options

If you want to play real money games at a casino site, you will need to make a deposit. If you plan to deposit with a credit or debit card, then you will have the pick of the bunch. Yet if you want to use an alternative payment method, such as the popular e-wallet PayPal, you will need to check that these are accepted by the casino. The best casinos will support a wide range of payment methods and provide quick, easy and safe deposits and withdrawals.

Live Dealer Games or How to Beat the RNG

When online casinos first started to introduce their live dealer platforms I was really sceptical that this would last. It seemed like a lot of hassle for me accompanied by a decent amount of unclarity. To be honest, I don’t remember the first time I played with a live dealer but my current obsession to gamble only this way and no other proves that we should never judge a book by its cover. So, if you’re planning to gamble for real money, I suggest you give all RNG games a break and experience the magic of playing live.

What is RNG and How Does Live Dealer Gambling Work?

All of you have heard about RNG but I bet not many of you have any idea how it actually works! In fact, you don’t need to know much more than it’s that „thing“ which determines randomly what cards are you or the dealer going to get when playing blackjack or what symbols will land on the screen after the end of a spinning round if slots is your game of choice. You can call it luck if you want! But yet somehow your luck gets generated by a software and if you are anyhow like me, you would have that gut feeling that something is not quite right! On the other hand, playing live is exactly the same as going to a real land-based casino without leaving your home of course. You enter a live stream and virtually take a place on а table along with other gamblers which may be anywhere in the world. The cards are dealt in front of you, your opponents are losing or winning in front of you and this is a situation where luck is no doubt pure luck and nothing else!

Why I love Playing Live

I was thinking where should I start here, what is my leading reason to like it so much. And I was surprised I came to realize that is not the wish to eliminate the RNG factor as I was thinking before. My favourite part is the social environment, the fact that you are able to chat with the dealer or at least see a real person who is more than glad to interact with you as well. In the RNG online games you are playing alone, starring at your computer screen against an invisible dealer and even though you don’t have limited time to place a bet or to choose what’s your optimal next move, it still is a bit boring for me. Plus, it’s the perfect option for someone who wants to gather experience in a real casino atmosphere so that land casinos don’t seem so stressful as they probably look to those of you who have never played the old-fashioned way, long back before there was internet! One last word on that topic! If you have never tried gambling with a live dealer, don’t waste any more time and do it! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back again!

To Claim or Not to Claim a Casino Bonus

Online casinos have always been super dedicated to coming up with more and more tempting bonus offers for all of us – the players! They have their good reasons for that as we will see in just a bit. However, we as customers stand on the other side and have a lot of things to consider before committing to any of the proposals. The best part of having a lot to choose from is that with an increasing competition, the offers get better! I know from experience that it can be confusing if you don’t have much practice, so I hope I will be out of help with my short bonus pros and cons overview.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Bankroll Boost

Now, let me start with the undeniable pros! All bonus offers are basically free money going straight into your account balance. No matter what, this will grant a longer play session, to say the least. If you are just starting out, welcome treats will probably be your first target and even though they are usually the first to pop up on the casino’s homepage, the variety of ways to make you a loyal customer does not end with them. There are basically 3 types of offers available at each casino – for beginners, for intermediate players, and for high rollers or loyal gamblers. Each type is designed to fit the needs of the specific player and to make them want to keep playing. Yes, they have a list of wagering requirements coming along but are also a great advantage for testing a new game, increasing your bankroll when you run out of cash or just accumulating loyalty points. It’s basically the most powerful way for online casinos to attract gamblers. So, if you already have a favourite place to bet, claiming their ongoing promotion offer will do no harm!

Read the Fine Print

The negative side of all bonus offers are the play-through terms and conditions. This means, in most cases, you won’t be able to make a withdrawal unless you have fulfilled the requirements that come along with excepting the bonus offer. If you think about it, it totally makes sense! If all casinos gave away money without expecting you to spend it plus a little extra on their platform, it wouldn’t be very cost-effective for them. So, you could say it’s a win-win situation for us as players and for the casino as a host of our gambling adventures. The only thing you should consider is to not jump in with an offer that has way to unfavourable conditions. The idea is to assist your gameplay with a bankroll boost not to spend more than you are willing or capable of spending just because you were greedy to get a higher offer without reading the fine print well enough.

My final advice will be to use the help of promo offers only when you are sure you don’t mind spending some time at that particular casino and only if you think the wagering requirements are achievable for you. If you’re planning to just test the casino, stay away from promo temptations! They will make you stay longer than you wish if you end up not liking the platform.

You’ve Been Accepted to the Gamblers’ Clique

As this is my welcome message I think I should start by properly introducing myself! So, hello to all of you out there, my name is Tony, I work as a social media expert and I woke up today with the crazy idea to create this blog! Ta-da!!! I am sure that was unexpected but you’ll get used to my style with time, I know! All my good decisions in life I tend to make spontaneously! Like proposing to my wife after our second date or switching my career as an accountant for the much more satisfying job that I do now in a matter of days!

So, here I am today, being more than sure that this early morning decision of mine will be the next successful move in my life! I think I have what it takes – a true passion for online gambling, a good amount of experience and a 100% devotion to all that I decide to engage myself with. My goal is to write about online betting, how to do it, where to do it and how to get the most out of it. I’ll share with you my personal fail and triumph stories, my recommendations, strategies, favourite games or just the latest updates, trends and opportunities. I’ll do it with the greatest delight and with the clearest intentions to create a useful space filled with good advice coming from a friend to another friend!

Given that honesty is essential for every proper clique, I won’t try and end this with some epic line but will be sincere and authentic instead! There are thousand different post ideas floating in my mind already and I’m so eager to share all of them with you! So, I better be going! Hope to see you around very soon!